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G100 Business Accelerator Creating Women Friendly Entrepreneurial Ecosystem consist of the founders, the funders and the advisors.

Our mission is to support businesses with program of mentorship and advisory, supply chain resources, access to capital and investment network, to strengthening enterprises and developing global impact and sustainable growth.

G100 Business Accelerator Wing of G100 Club. G100 Club is an influential group of 100 women leaders from across the world, in 100 wings and sectors, supported by G100 eminent He for She champions, and 100 country clubs in each wing for powerful advocacy, awareness & impact across governments and global organizations for a gender equal future in this decade.

G100 Vision: To create an equal, progressive & inclusive environment for women worldwide.

G100 Mission: To provide the thought leadership on what needs to be done for inclusivity, safety, economic & social empowerment of women globally, addressing genders gaps and achieving gender parity within this decade.



Diah Yusuf, Ph.D – INDONESIA


She founded Indonesia Prima as a business support strategic partners with global network to developing accountable Indonesian enterprises which aligning with sustainable development for better life. As entrepreneur, she is also leading several businesses in the education, health & beauty retail area, property industry, smart agriculture, and sustainable aquaculture farming. Also in social enterprises as the Founder and Chairman of the Indonesian Entrepreneur Festival, a yearly program for the Indonesia Development Entrepreneurship with the tagline #BersatuMenguat. She has partnership with many business chamber from abroad and as strategic partner for foreign company expansion into Indonesia and ASEAN. She also as Business Consultant and Business Advisor for many business owner and organization in Indonesia and other country. Also as consultant for Ministry of Indonesian SME, SVP Asia Council for Small Business, Chairwoman WIN Womenpreneurs Indonesia Networks, Director of Indonesia Women Economic Forum, President Indonesia – India Council of WICCI, and G100 Global Chair for Business Accelerator and have 15 Country Chair under the wings. She is an international speaker, entrepreneurship writer and loves to sing.

Logo G100